How Much RNs – BSN Nurses Earns?

Determining a price for any position in the healthcare facility includes comprehensive calculations and considering several factors, such as the highest degree, experience, certifications, department, etc.

The nurses with the highest degrees, plenty of experience, who have specialized certificates and work in specialized departments such as labor or intensive care, will have a higher salary than nurses without any of these attributes.

Thus, a registered nurse who holds a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree will be higher on the pay scale, than nurses who complete lower educational programs.

However, usually, freshly graduated BSN nurses have a lower salary than experienced nurses with an Associate’s degree.

But, after years of working, the BNS nurse will slowly catch up and start earning more money than the nurse with an Associate’s degree.


RN to BSN bridge programs is an excellent way for nurses who want to ensure higher salaries in the future.

Because there are many options around the country, getting a BSN is now much simpler.

Every healthcare facility will offer a higher salary for nurses with higher degrees.

The starting salary of a nurse with a Bachelor’s degree is higher than a starting salary for the nurse with an Associate’s degree at the same level of experience.

Experience is quite an important factor in the nursing field.

Inexperienced BSN nurses will start with less money than some lower education nurses, but the pay scale will eventually even, as the nurse with BSN gain more experience.

California is the top paying state for both RN-BSN and RN-ADN nurses.

The registered nurse in California with a BSN degree earns on average

$91,733, while RN-ADN earns $86,830.

Ohio is the lowest paying state, and RN-BSN nurse in Ohio earns averagely $71,716, and RN-ADN nurse earns $62,601 per year.

Countries such as Florida, Texas, and Illinois have a pay range between$70,454 and $75,051 for RN-BSN nurses, and between$64,446 and $70,804 for RN-ADN nurses.

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