How Can Nurse Practitioner Obtain a DEA Number?

Each healthcare provider has a personal DEA number which allows them to prescribe medicaments and controlled substances.

The DEA number consists of numbers and letters, to further identify the specialty of the healthcare provider such as dentists, physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.

All advanced-practice registered nurses are legally allowed to prescribe medicaments.

The first step to obtaining a DEA number for each nurse practitioner is to get a license in the state where they will work.

After the license gets active, NP should apply online for DEA number.

There are six sections to be completed to get a DEA number.

Section one focuses on personal information – name, phone number, address, etc.

For section two you will have to report on your business activity and drug schedule.

It means that you have to provide information on which medicaments you plan to prescribe.

You will have to be familiar with the state restrictions on the list of medicaments which are nurses allowed to prescribe.

Section three deals with your licensure.

In section four you will have to provide background information related to substance control.

Section five deals with payment.

The DEA website state that a three-year fee is $731.

The last section is the confirmation.

You have to review everything and edit necessary things if need before you submit the application.

After you submit your application, expect to wait from four to six weeks to get a confirmation and your DEA number.

Because this process can take a while, you should start the procedure for DEA number as soon as you get eligible, for example when you get your licensure.

You can find more information on the DEA number and answers to the FAQ on the Department of Justice website.

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