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Nursing Careers

CareerAvg. SalaryJob OutlookJob SatisfactionTypical Education
Ambulatory Care Nurse$71K12%HighBachelor's
Cardiac Care Nurse$70K12%HighMaster's
Cardiovascular Nurse$68K12%HighBachelor's
Case Management Nurse$79K18%HighBachelor's
Certified Nurse Assistant$31K9%LowCertification
Certified Nurse Midwife$108K16%HighMaster's
Clinical Nurse Leader$88K12%HighMaster's
Correctional Facility Nurse$50K12%LowBachelor's
Dermatology Nurse Practitioner$111K28%HighMaster's
Emergency Room Nurse$77K12%MediumBachelor's
Forensic Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Holistic Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Hospice Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Infection Control Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Intensive Care Unit Nurse$77K12%MediumBachelor's
Labor and Delivery Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Medical Assistant$35K23%MediumAssociate's
Military Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Nurse Educator$83K20%HighMaster's
Nurse Practitioner$110K28%MediumMaster's
Operating Room Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Registered Nurse$77K12%HighAssociate's
School Nurse$77K12%HighBachelor's
Travel Nurse$77K12%HighAssociate's
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