How Much is Malpractice Insurance for Certified Need Midwives and Why Choose One?

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) are in charge of a lot of things, such as health screening, all issues about women’s reproductive health, taking care of women and newborns after labor, etc.

All healthcare providers are at risk of malpractice and the consequences of it for their careers and patient health.

Some organizations require CNMs to have malpractice insurance and some don’t.

In a certain healthcare facility, malpractice insurance is provided for all healthcare workers, so CNM won’t have additional expenses.

However, some healthcare experts believe that having additional malpractice insurance might be beneficial, as those by the healthcare facility might not cover all financial losses.


Several factors affect the total costs of malpractice insurance, including state, years of experience, health care setting, and the chosen coverage.

More years of experience you have, there is more you have to pay for the insurance, as more patients mean more potential lawsuits.

The price range is quite large, and the insurance can start with $5.000 – $6.000 years and end up with more than $20.000 per year.

The malpractice insurance for the CNMs costs less than for some other health care providers.

Also, it is common that physicians who work with CNMs on the collaborative agreement are charged fees by the insurance company.

Coverys, Contemporary Insurance Services, and GeneralStar are some of the most common companies CNMs choose in the USA.


There was a study conducted in 2008 about CNMs and their habits toward malpractice insurance.

Only seven nurses from 145 tested reported that they don’t have insurance, and 126 said that their employer covers the expenses.

Also, the study showed that CNMs were taking precaution measures, ordering unnecessary tests, and procedures out fear of potential lawsuits.

However, by doing so, CNMs raised healthcare costs and increased the risks of other malpractice suits due to potential complications of unnecessary procedures.

Unfortunately, even though CNMs are highly trained and educated, there could still make some mistakes.

It is a wise choice to choose malpractice insurance to protect homes, financial well-being. and other assets.

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