What are the Most Common Interview Questions for Nurse Practitioner School?

If you are a registered nurse and you want to continue your education and professional development, you should start their path with the proper information.

Even though the admission process for each educational program is different, but programs have similar educational requirements and starting procedures.

For example, the first step to attend the program is the initial interview.

The interview can be challenging and stressful for students, but if you prepare ahead, you can reduce anxiety and present yourself in the best light.

Let’s check the most frequently asked question on the initial interview for the nurse practitioner school.


To get prepared for the interview and ensure positive results, you have to start with the basics.

If you are out-of-work for a long time, you should touch upon some basic principles of the nurse practitioner profession.

Start with basic information about the scope of practice for nurse practitioners, job duties, and roles.

Getting familiar with all this information can help you to answer the question and leave a professional impression on the interviewer.

Keep in mind that you have to do some research about the person who you will speak to and the appointment time.

Keep electronic or paper notes to make you don’t forget any details.

If you have time take a walk around the camp to get more sense on the location, roads, offices, and to know how long you need to get there.

Why Have You Chosen a Career as a Nurse Practitioner?

Each initial interview has some kind of a question that tackles up your preferences toward a nurse practitioner career.

You should think about this question and prepare a few answers, but making sure that the answers are individual and authentic.

Some people choose this career due to their prior career or degree.

Others pick the nurse practitioner career because they want to manage a patient population, or to become a healthcare provider with a nursing approach.

Consider your reasons and spend some time reflecting on them and try to be authentic and honest during the interview.

In What Field Do You Want to Specialize and Why?

Each interviewer will ask you about the field in which you want to get specialization.

Your answer will tell a lot about you, your core, and reasons for starting a nurse practitioner school.

For example, if you have been working with pediatric oncology patients in the staff nurse role, you might want to take a specialization in this field.

If you have plans for further education, such as DNP or P.h.D programs, you should prepare an appropriate explanation for those intentions.

Again, stay authentic and honest with your reasons.

How Do You Keep Track of the Current Standard of Care?

The question about staying up-to-date with current circumstances in a nursing field shows your academic preferences.

If you can discuss the latest articles from professional medical journals, it will provide you great and positive bonus points.

Medicine is developing quickly and each facility requires nurse practitioners that follow the latest regulations and evidence-based research.

What Is Your Motto?

Asking about your personal philosophy will help the interviewer to understand your approach to patient care.

You can engage and discuss the core values, highlight what resonates with you, talk about safety and integrity, etc.

The values you share will show more about your approach.

You can also prepare this answer ahead to seem more confident during the interview.

Why Should a Nursing School Pick You?

All job interviews include these questions and nursing schools as well.

The programs are quite competitive, so the answer to this question may help the interviewer in the dilemma to choose you over other candidates.

It is a great opportunity to talk about your professional achievements and emphasizes yous strength.

For example, you can talk about being a leader in your current RN role, talk about your mentorships, professional experience in general, or in nursing specialties.

The nursing school chooses top students with the best possible chances to engage and improve their knowledge upon graduation.

These questions are basic questions you can expect in the initial interview, but you can expect a variety of other questions.

Being prepared for the interview will significantly reduce your anxiety, help you to be yourself, and increase chances for positive outcomes.

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