What Scholarships Are Available for DNP Students?

Nurses who want to improve their education and job opportunities can obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.

There is financial support available for the DNP students across the states, based on nursing scholarships and grants.

You can start your search online, but you need to be thorough with the requirements research because they can differ significantly for each scholarship type.

DNP Scholarships

Global Health Scholarship of $3000 is available only for nurses attending any of the global health-related educational programs.

Greta James Memorial Scholarship of $2.500 is available for nurses enrolled in any of the officially accredited programs.

There are also multiple funding options for all nursing specialties.

One of them is for nurses focused on leadership, provided by the Nursing Economics Foundation for Doctoral Nurses.

Oncology nurses seeking a DNP degree can apply for funding by the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation.

DNP Grants

You should be aware that scholarship and grants aren’t the same, even though many people use them as synonyms.

Grants are funding given to someone because of the financial issues or to support research.

Scholarships are related to accomplishment and merit.

The same principles apply in the nursing field in terms of grants and scholarships.

Other than scholarship, nursing students may apply for some of the grants available to them.

For example, nurses who are in palliative care and have to complete their DNP program as members of Sigma Theta TAU can apply for a $10000 grant provided for research.

Minorities Nurses

There is excellent financial support for minority nurses.

For example, Hispanic nurses can apply for the $2000 scholarship given by the National Association of Hispanic Nurses for full-time students.

Other minority nurses can apply for Jonson & Jonson’s scholarship in the partnership with Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship and give $18000 for funding minority nurses.

There are also scholarships and grants available for nurses member of the Native American tribes and their tribal council and education center hold the information about the funds.

If you are pursuing your DNP degree, you should start researching and applying for scholarships and grants as soon as possible.

The DNP programs are quite expensive, but the salaries of DNP nurses are among the highest in nursing.

Therefore you can consider it as an investment.

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