Privacy Policy

We understand the utter importance of keeping your information private.

We will take precautions to ensure that your privacy is managed properly.

We have taken the time to make this document to explain our firm responsibility to protect your privacy.

This document will help you to understand what information we will be collecting, using, and storing in our systems.

What kind of information will be received and how will it be managed?

We will assemble generic information about you to collect statistical and demographic data concerning our website.

This information will help us analyze the effectiveness of the website.

Our servers will collect your digital information such as your Internet Protocol address, the date and time that the user has accessed our website, which webpage the user visited our website from, and also how much time the user spends on our website.

Any specific details about our customers will remain private.

The main reason for the collection of this generic information about you is so that we can improve the website’s functions and resources.

This data is also used for diagnosing any issues within our server, and for managing the traffic from our website.

We may occasionally share your statistical and demographic knowledge with our marketing associates.

This information is about the group of visitors as a whole and not about your specific information.

What information is given to the Ad Networks operating on our website?

We allow multiple advertising agencies to display their publications on our website.

These same networks will collect your digital information to send you announcements that fit your particular interests.

You can opt-out of receiving personalized marketing at any time you prefer to do so.

You can not opt-out of the publications that we allow to be displayed on our website, though.

Your personal information will be safeguarded away from these advertising networks.

They will never have access to any of your personal information.

We support user comments

We allow our users to make comments on our website.

When you do choose to comment on our website, we do not admit responsibility for that information going to third-party companies.

You must hold yourself accountable for the information you post on the website such as your data and your comments.

We do reserve the right to edit the comments on our website as we see fit for reasons such as inappropriate comments.

There are links to other websites

Our website does contain different links to other websites that will ask you to submit your personal information such as your name, telephone number, email address, and even links to your social media accounts.

We do not know how these additional companies will use the information that you provided for them.

We do not take any responsibility for their actions in any way.

We are solely responsible for the information you submit to our website.

We do not control or take responsibility for any additional websites other than our own.

It’s important to remember to read the privacy policy for each website to know how your information will be used.

That is the only way to be sure that your information is safe.

California residents rights

The CCPA holds certain California citizens with rights about their personal information.

This portion of the privacy policy is dedicated to explaining the rights of those certain residents.

Please note that not all California residents will be submitted to these rights.

The CCPA does not give these rights to B2B personal information.

California residents have access to specific information

You have the right to request our company to give you the personal data it has collected on you in the last 12 months.

We must make sure of the identification of the person requesting information to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Here is a list of the information we can disclose to you at your request

  • We will disclose all of the different types of data that was gathered about you.
  • We will disclose all of the different sources of the information that was gathered about you.
  • We will disclose what reasons we had to collect these different types of information about you.
  • We will give you the names of the categories of third-party affiliates that we share your information with.
  • We will give you every piece of information we have gathered about you.

You will receive two separate lists.

One of which will ensure that we did not sell or rent out your personal data.

The second list will be of the categories that the recipient has obtained per their request.

California residents have the right to request a removal

The residents of California can request that we delete any of their personal information that we have assembled and stored in our systems.

Certain exceptions won’t be deleted.

We must first verify your identity to ensure the safety of your information.

Once that is done, we will delete your personal records from our system unless there is an exception to the rule.

We will direct our service providers to delete your information as well.

Here is a list of the reasons why we will deny deleting your information from our systems:

  • We will not delete your information if we haven’t completed the transaction yet for which we collected the information, or have provided you with the service or product that you have requested from our company.
  • We won’t delete your information if we believe there has been a malicious security offense or if there is any illegal activity happening. We will need to keep your information to protect the innocent and also to persecute those who commit the illegal activity to the fullest.
  • We won’t be able to delete your information if there happens to be a bug in the system and we are trying to fix the issue.
  • We may exercise the right to use free speech for ourselves or tell those affiliate companies the same.
  • We may engage in public related statistical research that adheres to all other privacy laws made to protect you. We will only use your information for research purposes only in this case.
  • We will deny deleting your data if we are complying with a legal obligation.

Non-discrimination against California residents

We will not discriminate against you for exercising your CCPA rights:

  • We will not deny you any goods or services unless permitted by the CCPA.
  • We will not charge you different rates for our products or goods unless permitted by the CCPA.
  • We will not give you lesser value or quality of goods or services unless the CCPA permits it.
  • We will not suggest or push another price or a lower quality good or service on you as a customer unless the CCPA permits it.

We can offer you some financial incentives permitted by the CCPA, which can alter the prices of our goods and services and the quality of the goods and services.

Any CCPA permitted offering will relate solely to the value of your personal information to our company.

It will also have certain indications as to the program’s material perspectives.

You must opt-in to consent to these particular financial incentives that are offered.

There aren’t any current financial incentive offers for our clients at this time.

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