What Opportunities are there for Telehealth Nurses Living Abroad?

Telehealth nursing is growing and developing every day.

There is a large number of companies that hire nurses to provide telehealth services remotely in special nursing fields.

The telehealth field is based on technology, so nurses must have access to high-speed internet and specialized software programs.

Those will allow them to access the employer’s network and telephone service.

If a telehealth nurse lives abroad there are things to consider, such as time zone differences and appropriate internet speed.

In some areas, stable internet is still an issue.

There are countries around the works that work with broadband or dial-up connection, which are not suitable and reliable for telehealth work.

Continues and safe access to the internet is still a challenge, due to unstable power supplies.

Internet World Stats reports that only 54% of the world has internet systems available.

The first requirement for a position of remote telehealth nurse is having a valid and unrestricted nursing license in the state where the nurse provides the service.

There is an agreement called Nurse Licensure Compact brought by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Many states participate in the agreement and the agreement allows them to provide care in all states that are part of it, without an additional license.

Additionally, telehealth companies, especially insurance companies, hire only nurses with specialized certifications.

The most common required certifications are Home Care Coding Specialist, Home Care Clinical Specialist, and Home Care Compliance Specialist.

Nurses can obtain Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification through the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN), and complete studies and tests based on telehealth competency.

Telehealth nursing is an option for American nurse living abroad.

But, the majorities of individual employers has internal requirements and hire the nurses by individual terms and case-by-case basis.

Telehealth nursing is still a relatively new service, and companies are still adjusting their requirements and employees’ supervision.

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