Can you Work as a Nurse on a Movie Set?

Sometimes, you can find openings for nurses on movie sets.

The movie production includes numerous people, from behind the set, through actors and stunt performers.

When there are some dangerous scenes to film, which could to the injuries, there are always first-aid experts on the set, prepared to help if something goes wrong.

Nurses and paramedics can work on a movie set to help treat injuries or illness.

The contract length for nurses depends on the production length, and sometimes it may last shorter than you thought.

Also, it is common to have a nurse stand by only filming certain, complex, and dangerous scenes.

Another way a nurse can be employed on a movie set is as a consultant.

Very often, medical shows or movies need to be accurate, and the nurses or other experts are hired to help with the scenes.

Often, actors need to be familiar with the real illness symptoms and outcomes, and the nurse experience is very useful.

The requirements for the job of a nurse on the movie set can differ based on different productions.

But, very often the requirements include nursing experience, experience in emergency care, primary care, occupational health, etc.

Also, nurses specialized in labor and delivery, pediatrics, or ER nurses can be in higher demand, depending on the movie subject.

If you are interested in working as a nurse on a movie set, you should be aware that the position is never a full-time, and rarely has benefits packages.

Sometimes you can experience challenges in finding appropriate castings, meaning that you might have higher chances to be hired on a casting call websites rather than general employment sites.

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