What Are Some Job Opportunities for RNs in San Diego?

What are Job Opportunities for RNs in San Diego?

All fields are rapidly developing San Diego, including nursing.

The population is expanding, due to a large number of people coming to sunny California.

Therefore, there is a growing need for all healthcare workers from different educational backgrounds and with different levels of 


Let’s see where can RNs work in San Diego. 


San Diego has several hospital systems, designed to meet the needs of a large number of residents.

For example, Scripps Health has four hospitals in five different areas in San Diego, Kaiser Permanente has three hospitals, similar to Sharp Healthcare with one additional facility nearby La Mesa.

Also, UCSD – University of California San Diego has two hospital campuses.

The hospitals have several different specialty departments.

Sharp features a campus with an inpatient setting for mental health and substance use disorders.

Nurses specialized in psychiatry, or those with experience in similar positions are highly welcomed here. 

Also, RNs can apply for a position at smaller hospitals focused on psychiatric patients, such as Alvardo Parkway Institute or County Mental Health hospital, which is located outside the center. 

If you are interested in working in Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospitals, you can find your position in San Diego as well.

Two organizations have nursing jobs – Vibra and Kindred.

LTAC facilities need nurses interested in work with long-term hospitalized patients, or those who are critically ill and unable to move to another facility which provides a lower level of care. 

Outpatient Setting

In San Diego, there are hundreds of primary and specialty care clinics with open positions for RNs. 

It is common for all hospital systems to have their clinics network.

You can apply for the job at an independent clinic, community clinic, or at any urgent care facilities which you can find everywhere in the city.

Also, large community clinic systems have Family Health Centers, which support the underserved fragment of the San Diego population in more than ten clinics.

Home Health Facilities

In San Diego, there are hundreds of agencies specialize in home health which provides in-home care.

Nurses employed with these clinics provide in-home assessments, home infusions, wound care, and have other tasks as well.

Additionally, it is common for the home health agencies to collaborate with hospice, and offer that segment of care as well. 

Hospice nurses provide home visits to patients as well.

Whichever your nursing specialty is, you will be able to find the job in San Diego.

For example, you can work as a long-term care nurse, telephone triage nurse, nurse case managers, public health nurse, school nurse, etc.

There is also a growing need for dermatology nurses and nurse aestheticians. 

If you are an RN and you live in San Diego, there are large chances that you would find the job fast. 

From the perspective of a hospital, the competition is fierce, and hospitals must enhance wages to attract candidates and become competitive on the market.

Research well the facility and requirements before you apply for any job as RNs in San Diego.

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