What Nursing Practitioners Have Largest Salaries Outside the Hospital?

The benefits of becoming a nurse practitioner include plenty of career opportunities in various work settings and a higher salary than some other healthcare workers.

Nurse Practitioners are allowed to work independently in many states, or they can work in private clinics or business.

The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the highest paying nurse practitioner job outside the hospital work setting includes Personal Care Services.

The average annual salary of nurse practitioners employed in-home care services is $136.280.

Next, nurse practitioners who work in management, or scientific or technical consulting earn on average $132.010 per year.

Those employed within Specialty service have a median annual salary of $117.120.

Nurse practitioners in dental offices are also on the list of highest-paid nurse practitioner jobs outside the hospital.

Their average yearly salary is $116.820.

Lastly, nurse practitioners who are employed within Computer Systems Design and Related Services on average earn $114.530 per year.

Industries such as dental, computer systems, personal care, and others mentioned above are the top-paying industries for nurse practitioners.

But, the employment rate is quite low.

For example, only 0.05% of nurse practitioners work in Personal Care Services.

There is a somewhat larger percentage for specialty nurses – 0.78%, but it is still low.

More nurse practitioners work in areas such as Outpatient Care Centers, Physician’s Offices, and hospitals.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in a non-hospital work setting, you should choose a specialty.

The industries such as Specialty areas and Outpatient care centers are among the top-paying industries.

The employed nurse practitioners in these industries earn on average $117.120 and $107.160.

Physician Offices and Offices of Other Health Professionals also come in the range of top paying industries.

Those working in physician office earn on average $103.030 per year, while those employed as other health professionals earn averagely $102.160 per year

Salary depends on several factors including specialty and industry, but also location and employers, experience, and certificates.

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