How is a Nurse Manager Different from a Nurse Leader?

Most of the people out of the nursing field use the terms nurse manager and nurse leader as synonyms.

But, there are differences between these two job roles.

Also, the nurse leader and a clinical nurse leader, are two different positions.

Every nurse who shows leadership skills, who motivates other colleagues, and elevates the patient’s care can be a nurse leader.

On the other hand, a clinical nurse leader is a formal position for nurses whose work is focused on one specific population and the improvement of their outcomes.

Now, you might be asking, what is the difference between this role and nurse manager role?

Unlike the clinical nurse leader, a nurse manager focuses more on the administrative aspect of patient care.

It means that a nurse manager collaborates with other healthcare team members to evaluate provided care and improve it, according to the latest evidence-based research.

The sole purpose of the nurse managers is to improve and elevate patient outcomes.

Nurse managers also work as educators, and train other staff to new concepts, use of modern equipment and changes in the nursing practice.

The work of a nurse manager is to maintain the daily work of the department where he or she is employed.

A nurse manager supervises other staff and coordinates the healthcare team with shifts schedule, hiring new members, introducing discipline, and reviewing their performance.

Also, a nurse manager deals with cost planning and budget issues.

Sometimes, the nurse manager needs to mediate between the patient with complaints and a staff member with whom the patient isn’t satisfied.

Usually, a nurse manager has little to no direct contact with the patient, but it can depend on the organization’s policies.

Forward-thinking is one of the highly needed personal traits with both nurse leaders and nurse managers.

There are plenty of options and career possibilities for progressive nurses in the healthcare field.

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