How much RN Earns in Austin?

Austin has plenty of career opportunities for nurses.

It is the capital of Texas and has a population of nearly a million people, meaning that there are plenty of healthcare facilities and demand for nurses.

Therefore, facilities offer competitive salaries and benefits packages for nurses.

The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that Texas has the second-largest employment market for nurses in the country.

There are 13,540 registered nurses in Austin, and the annual average salary is $70,020.

Hourly Rates of RNs in Austin

The hourly rate of a registered nurse is around $33.65.

The data from the are slightly different, and according to it, the hourly rate of RNs is $32.31.

It is similar to the national average.

The salary of nurse practitioners in Austin is also close to the national standard.

Nurse practitioners have an annual median income of $108,130, and the national average is $110,930, according to the BLS.

The figures are average, and the salary always depends on several factors.

In Austin, there are competitive organizations that can offer higher salaries and better sign-on bonuses, annual bonuses, and bonuses for each year of the experience.

Also, it common for facilities to give compensation based on collective bargaining agreements, so nurses might end up with higher salaries.

If you work full-time, it can also increase your income.

Before you accept or start searching for the nurse job, you should research facilities, salaries, requirements, and all other information that can help you to determine the best position for you.

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