What is the Average Salary of Phlebotomist across the States?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of phlebotomists in the USA is $34,480 per year.

The average hourly rate is $16.58 for 2018.

However, half of the employed phlebotomists in the USA earn more than the national average, and the other half earns less.

Ten percent of USA phlebotomists earn around $25.020, and 10% of top-paid phlebotomists have an annual salary of $49.060 and more.

The Phlebotomy field has a growing number of job positions.

According to the BLS, the employment rate of phlebotomists is expected to grow by 23% over the next five years.

The growth rate is expected to grow faster than average.

There are only a few specialized healthcare workers that are appreciated more than phlebotomists.

Phlebotomist certification and proper training ensure that you can find a job anywhere because phlebotomists are highly needed in all healthcare facilities.

For example, Florida has 8,250 employed phlebotomists with an average annual salary of $31,670. California is a top-paying state with 12,190 phlebotomists and an annual yearly salary of $43,980.

Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Nevada, Oregon are also states in which phlebotomists have significantly higher salaries than the national average.

On the other hand, South Dakota, Arkansas, and Mississippi are the lowest-paying states in the USA.

For example, there are 250 phlebotomists in South Dakota and their annual salary is $27,600.

Mississippi has around 1,140 phlebotomists with an average annual salary of $29,350.

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