Is a Master’s in Healthcare Informatics the same as MSN in Healthcare Informatics?

The role of a Master’s in Healthcare Informatics is very similar to the role of a Master’s of Science in Nursing in Healthcare Informatics, but the roles are different.

Similarities include working with EHR (electronic health records).

EHRs are used daily in all healthcare facilities.

Holding either degree includes tasks such as collecting, managing, interpreting, storing, and sharing patient healthcare details.

Also, both roles have the same goal – to use technology to make the best for healthcare organizations and patients.

However, the primary difference between the two roles is the focus.

First of all, a person who holds a Master’s in Healthcare Informatics degree primarily focuses on technology and communicational channels.

In this role, individuals without nursing experience can also work, as long as they have interests and knowledge in Informational Technologies.

The key tasks of a person who hold a Master’s in Healthcare Informatics degree are:

  • Using all available data to improve data procession
  • Using data to improve the security of the patients and healthcare facility information
  • Focusing on business elements of healthcare and cutting costs by using technology solutions
  • Comprehensive system analysis
  • Focusing on the IT needs of the whole facility

Having a background in IT and medical technology is always a plus.

Additionally, Master’s in Healthcare Informatics professionals present data focused on population health outcomes.

Nurses who are interested in technological aspects of nursing and who want to take a step further in their career can earn MSN in Healthcare Informatics degree.

To complete an MSN in the Healthcare Informatics program, nurses must have the proper nursing background to understand the practical application of EHRs.

On the other hand, Master’s in Health Informatics aren’t required to have a nursing background as they have a different focus.

The primary focus of MSN in Healthcare Informatics professionals are patient care and staff support on using EHR.

The essential factors of an individual who hold an MSN in Healthcare Informatics are

  • Using data to improve patient care and safety
  • Optimizing clinical workflow
  • Using nursing skills in EHRs
  • Connecting technology solutions to nursing research
  • Improving nurse-patient communication

Both role have high importance in modern healthcare facilities and contribute to better care and healthcare organization.

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