How Difficult Is the Nurse Practitioner Exam?

To become a Certified Nurse Practitioner you have to finish a two-part exam, which is very challenging.

The statistic for 2019 shows that the exam pass rate was 86% for the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) exam administered by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP).

The pass rate for the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP) exam is 84%.

The pass rate for ANCC of the American Nurse Credentialing Center for the FNP exam was 86.2% and 79% for the AGPCNP in 2018.

If you think about years of school, commitment, and clinical hours, a 14-21% fail rate is enough to list the exam as difficult.

However, you can attend any of the certification exam preparation course, to pass the exam easier.

Some courses offer a complete refund if you don’t pass the exam.

Each course has similar educational content, to match the exam requirements.

For example, Fitzgerald Health Education Associates prepares the sample tests and programs to help their candidates pass the exam without issues.

Also, the ANCC has come up with free study aids for students.

On the other hand, many practice exams and tips for passing the NP exams are available on the AANP website.

If you want to prepare for the test individually, you should check all available learning materials and go through sample tests.

Whichever test you choose, you will have to spend some time studying and practicing.

That is how you will reduce anxiety and increase your chances of passing the test.

Stay focused and committed, and you can pass the test on the first attempt!

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