How Much RN Earns in San Diego?

The salary depends on many factors.

The number and the duration of shifts affect the salary.

For example, some nurses work three shifts per week, but each lasts for 12 hours.

Other nurses can work eight-hour shifts, four times a week.

Some nurses work night shifts or overtime, which affects the paycheck.

The facility in which a nurse works is also a significant factor for salary.

According to Glassdoor, in San Diego, an average yearly salary of a nurse employed on a highest-paid nursing position is $103.000.

The salary of $103.000 includes hospital jobs because it is the highest paid facility for nurses in San Diego.

Professional experience and years of employment are also factors used in the calculation for salaries.

Hourly Rates of RNs in San Diego

If you are an entry-level, inexperienced nurse, you can expect a rate of $40 per hour in a hospital setting San Diego.

It is an average rate because different hospitals offer different rates.

In 2018, the lowest hourly rate was $43 per hour.

Because there are several hospital systems in San Diego, the differences between rates across are highly competitive.

It means that if your colleagues in neighboring hospitals get to rise, it is very likely that your facility will provide raises for you as well.

Because life costs are increasing, wages are also getting higher.

In home-care facilities and other hospital settings, the lowest rate is between $30 and $35 per hour.

Therefore, a full-time employed nurse can earn from $62 to $72.800 per year.

LVNs earn less, so their average hourly rate is from $20 to $25.

Therefore, LVNs have a significantly lower annual income in San Diego.

Nurses in California have their salaries increases by 9.12% in the time period from 2013-2017.

However, the salaries of nurses in San Diego are higher for 35% than the national average.

The salaries of nurses in California should follow other economic aspects of change.

For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you on average $1.870 month.

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