How Much a Registered Nurse Earns in Pittsburgh?

A salary is always determined using several factors, such as experience level, education level, location and living cots, employer type, etc.

For example, the geographic factors are very important when it comes to calculating salary for any profession.

Where the living costs are lower, the salaries are also lower, and very often below the national average.

The data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the average yearly salary of registered nurses in Western Pennsylvania, including the city of Pittsburgh is $60000.

For comparison, the national average for the same time, May 2018, is $70000.

Hourly Rates of RNs in Pittsburgh
The reported the average hourly rate of $32.52 for RN in April 2018, which is around the national average., on the other hand, reports that the salary of RNs in Pittsburgh is by 18% lower than the national average with a yearly salary of $56753.

According to BLS data, there is a discrepancy between the average salary in Western Pennysylvania and salaries in Pittsburgh.

The average annual salary of RNs in Western Pennsylvania is $69,170, while Pittsburg nurses earn $63,670 on average.

Nurse practitioners have higher salaries than RNs, because of higher education.

If they have extensive experience, the salary can be even higher.

According to BLS, nurse practitioners in Western Pennsylvania earn on average $87850 per year.

The salaries mentioned above are calculated using nationally reported figures and averages.

It means that some RNs have a higher salary, and some earn less.

How much money you will earn as a registered nurse depends on your experience, education, and the need for the nurses in your local area.

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