What Type of Advanced Training is Available for Dermatology Nurses?

The dermatology field is much more skin issues and skincare aesthetics.

It is a multi-faced field, and dermatology nurses have a variety of different tasks and procedures.

Dermatology nurses care for patients with different skin diseases and conditions, skin cancers, treat skin injuries and wounds and deal with skin aesthetics.

Aspiring dermatology nurses can complete specialized training to learn more about different field areas.

Let’s have a brief overview of all specialized training available for dermatology nurses.


There is a wide range of specialized procedures related to dermatology.

For example, a dermatology nurse can complete cryotherapy, light therapy training, and even complete biopsies training.

All dermatology nurses need to understand the ins and outs of each procedure they perform, to be able to educate patients about the process.

Skin Disorders

Dermatology nurses need to know how to identify different skin conditions.

They have to educate patients about conditions, treatment, and how to evaluate patient’s responses to treatment.

For example, nurses working in the dermatology field need to be familiar with skin infections such as fungal or bacterial, lice, scabies, and dermatitis.

Skin Injuries

Nurses can advance their career options after completion of specific training related to treating skin injuries.

Those include burns, wounds, lacerations, and other skin injuries.

Severe skin injuries require special care and a distinct treatment.

When treating skin injuries, nurses have to inform patients about treatment and evaluate treatment response and educate patients about the healing process.

Each injury has an individual healing process and the nurse must be able to recognize the type and inform the patient accordingly.

Also, they need to know about infection symptoms to be able to recognize them and act on time to prevent further complications.

Skin Cancer

The dermatology nurse role includes examination and screening patients for skin cancer or some skin lesions.

To be able to perform the screening, nurses must obtain advanced training and learn how to recognize and treat cancerous or pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Sometimes training includes biopsies and excisions, as well as patient education and reassurance during the process.

Cosmetic Procedures

Lastly, nurses can complete training for a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Those include laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox injections, etc.

Some of the cosmetic procedures are invasive, and those who wish to perform them need to complete formal training and get a certificate.

There are plenty of options for cosmetic procedure training and other advanced dermatology training.

For example, Derm Training offers an online video-based course and 20 hours of modular training.

The Dermatology Nurse Association also offers training for registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Those interested in skin aesthetics can complete training at the College of Medical Aesthetics.

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