Can an RN find a Job without a BSN Degree?

Currently, a BSN degree isn’t required for the employment of registered nurses.

There is a growing need for RNs and Associate’s degree nurses are helping with the demand.

However, the shortage of nurses is around the past several years.

There is a huge number of students who have completed primary nursing programs and started to work, but even more students are in the process of program completion.

These circumstances are slowly changing the job requirements for the RNs in many healthcare facilities.

Therefore, job opportunities are becoming more competitive.

Nowadays, healthcare facilities have plenty of highly qualified nursing staff.

For each role, there are several nurses interested, and hiring managers have challenging tasks.

Because of the large number of applications, hiring managers must be selective and pick those with higher educational levels and aspirations for the BSN after a few years of employment.

It seems like every registered nurse in the future will have a BSN.

The 2010 IOM (Institute of Medicine ) initiative strongly supports higher education in nursing.

The IOM collaborated with Robert Woods Jonson Foundation in 2010, to help create and launch a two-year initiative that will improve the nursing field.

There are four primary points of this initiative.

The first point is dealing with the scope of practice for nurses.

The initiative recommends that the scope should be determined due to the education and training of nurses.

The education systems should improve and promote seamless academic progression for nurses and allow them higher education levels.

There is a focus on the partnership between nurses, physicians, and other members of the healthcare teams.

Lastly, there is a need for better informational infrastructure in the nursing field that can be improved and lead to better policies.

You can see that the initiative emphasizes the importance of higher-level education.

At the same time, the initiative is encouraging schools to come up with more efficient and simple programs.

The schools’ response to the initiative resulted in a change in the programs.

For example, more schools introduced RN to BSN bridge programs, and more schools are considering introducing BSN programs.

Because of the demand for BSN nurses, schools have simplified the programs to the extent.

Therefore, the Associate’s degree educated nurses have plenty of opportunities to improve their knowledge.

The research and community are two important factors in the nursing field, which can take credit fr changing the concept of the nursing field.

Each day, there are more and more nurses taking all advantage of the modern education system.

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