How Can an NP Start His/Her Own Practice?

Advanced practice nurses provide holistic care to their patients.

In some US states, nurses can perform primary care from birth to old age of some patients.

Nurse practitioners in the USA can open their own practice.

NP enjoy professional autonomy but starting a personal practice is an exciting and up-and-coming way to develop professionally.

However, there are a few steps you need to take to start your own business in the nursing field.

The first step to take is to research and determine the state requirements for your location and your field.

There are states in the USA that forbid nurses to start their practice.

Therefore, make sure that you are legally allowed to start such a project.

Check the requirements for physicians as well.

For example, is a physician required to be on-site, or what distance is allowed to the nearest physician.

The second step is the paperwork.

You have to obtain licenses, permits, and fill a lot of documents to open your practice.

It can be exhausting, but it an obligatory step for every business, not only nursing.

Next, you have to get your credentials.

NP is required to apply for an NPI number, to get a legal permit to bill Medicare.

The process can be daunting, but you can find all the necessary information on the Center for Medicare & Medical Services website, section Medicare Provider-Supplier Enrollment.

Next, you will have to create a business plan, including financial aspects.

First of all, determine your specialty.

You can choose primary care, pediatrics, family practice, aging adults, etc.

The choice of specialty is based on population and your certificate, but to be more successful, you will have to narrow your specialty.

The initial costs are for location facility, fees for permits and application, necessary equipment, marketing, and staffing.

So, opening your own practice is impossible without securing startup costs.

After you finished everything with the plan, pick the location.

Location can improve or deteriorate your credibility.

For example, opening a healthcare office in a strip mall can make some patients feel uncomfortable.

Find a suitable location and convenient neighborhood looking at all aspects such as transport, accessibility, reputation, etc.

Next, you have to determine insurance reimbursements.

Healthcare isn’t like other service providers in terms that patients don’t pay you just out of the pocket.

You have to determine which insurances will you accept, the compensation fees.

Also, think about services that the insurance will cover and determine those who won’t be covered.

Choose malpractice insurance.

Every NP personal practice has to have specifically described malpractice insurance.

That way, you and your clients will be aware of what is covered and what isn’t.

Make a list of all supplies you need.

Think about exam tables, standard office supplies, computers, blood pressure monitors, etc.

These items, especially those for performing medical procedures are quite expensive.

However, no regulation obliges you to buy everything new.

You can get second-hand equipment or make an order through surplus companies.

Don’t neglect marketing.

You need to invest in digital marketing to raise awareness about your services.

Also, invest in phone books, flyers, newspapers, but keep the majority of your marketing campaign online.

You need clients, and advertising is a way to get them.

Lastly, think about the staff.

Hopefully, your business will grow and you will need more staff.

You will probably have to hire a receptionist or medical assistant to help you from the beginning.

It means that you have to figure out salaries, insurance coverage, labor legislation, and training.

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