What is the Job of Trauma Nurse Practitioner?

Trauma is a dynamic and challenging work environment.

Healthcare workers who work with trauma patients must always be prepared for unexpected situations.

The most common work setting for trauma nurse practitioners are emergency rooms and acute care area, and trauma NPs take care of patients suffered injuries in accidents.

Trauma NPs, similar to other nurse practitioners take care of all procedures in treating patients, such as performing exams, ordering medications, diagnose and monitor the healing process of the patients admitted to the emergency room.

For example, after a car accident happens, patients get admitted to the emergency room, and trauma NP starts the treatment with quick assessments, ordering pain killers and performing tests, and recommend the treatment after the results.

There is a certain set of personality traits, that trauma NPs should possess to be able to work in the trauma field.

For example, trauma NPs must be comfortable working under pressure and they need to be able to decide quickly, perform rapid assessments, and order proper medicament.

Stay calm in stressful situations when facing severe trauma cases is essential for trauma NPs because only when being calm, they can come up with the appropriate treatment.

Another aspect of trauma NPs is compassion.

Because trauma patients often arrive severely injured and in shock, scared about the future outcomes, NPs should be able to establish trust with the patient.

Keeping a patient calm can help in making the patient cooperate in treatment, which can lead to a better outcome.

A job of trauma NP is highly stressful and emotionally training.

Severe cases can get to the trauma NPs, but they need to find the mechanism which will help them cope with stress and prevent burnout.

Many trauma NPs find hobbies such as yoga and meditation to help them deal with stressful situations on work, and family support is also important when it comes to dealing with a variety of emotions.

But, the job of trauma nurse practitioners is extremely rewarding.

The feeling of quick interventions and saving someone’s life is unique and motivate trauma NPs to deal with stress and continue with their work.

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