What Are Employment Possibilities for Rural Nurses at Indian Reservation Health Clinics?

Rural nursing is often misunderstood as country nursing in the open fields on the Appalachian Mountains.

But, rural nursing includes healthcare for residents on American Indian Tribal reservations.

The statistics say that around 54% of American Indian and Alaska natives inhabit rural areas.

The federal government must provide appropriate healthcare for rural areas, but health disparities still occur.

The native population faces similar challenges such as other people in any other part of the world.

For example, access to care is the most common challenge.

Also, there is a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals.

American Indians and Alaska Natives get their health services from the Indian Health Service, which is a federally funded organization.

You can find more information about available careers on the website of the Indian Health Services including jobs in disciplines such as APRN, dentistry, medicine, and behavioral health.

In the nursing field, interested individuals can choose civil service and get hired through the United States Public Health Commissioned Corps.

APRNs, LPNs, and RNs can also have plenty of job opportunities at the Indian Reservation Health Clinics.

The specialty areas available for employment are ER, OR, and community health.

Working on tribal reservations is rewarding and beneficial in so many aspects.

Healthcare workers who address the healthcare needs of tribal communities health overcome the gap between healthcare needs and access to care.

In long terms, it can improve the healthcare disparities and overall health of the population.

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