What is the Salary of a Registered Nurse in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, registered nurses are offered competitive salaries and great benefits packages and different work opportunities.

Registered nurses in Philadelphia can work in hospitals, physician’s offices, outpatient clinics, and home health agencies, etc.

According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in Philadelphia and the surrounding Camden, New Jersey, Wilmington, and Delaware, there is a total of 73.000 registered nurses.

Also, there is around 5100 advance practice nurse.

RN In Philadelphia Hourly Rate

The BLS reports that an hourly rate of RN in Philadelphia is $37, and it is a bit more than the national average.

The hourly rate of advanced practice nurses is $52, and it is 40% higher more than RNs.

For comparison, there are around 2,951,960 registered nurses in the USA. The national average annual salary of RNs is $71,730.

In Pennsylvania, there are 148,520 registered nurses and their average annual salary is lower the national average and it is $69,170.

The count Philadelphia, Camden, Delaware, New Jersey, Wilmington has 72,910 with an average annual salary of $76,910.

These figures are average and include compensation for entry-level nurses and experienced nurses.

The salary of a registered nurse in Philadelphia depends on several factors, such as years of experience, education, and specialty.

For example, nurses specialized in Pediatrics, Oncology and Geriatrics can earn more even if they don’t hold an advanced degree.

Also, nurses in the Philadelphia region who work in Emergency Rooms or ICU can have higher salaries as well.

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