Does Having an MSN Means That You Must Leave the Bedside Nursing?

Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Nursing is an important moment for all nurses.

MSN degree ensures better job opportunities and more career development options.

However, some nurses with MSN don’t want to leave bedside nursing.

Direct nursing care of the patients is the best part for many nurses and a reason for choosing a nursing career.

Do all MSN nurses need to stop with direct patient care and take higher positions?

No, there are several options.

Many nurses decide to complete an MSN program to start working in the management, education, or practitioner roles.

But, some nurses want to improve their knowledge and skills and become better in providing bedside care.

For example, some nurses earn an MSN degree to improve their patient teaching skills.

Also, MSN-educated nurses can specialize and become nurse practitioners and start working as primary care providers.

The Healthcare industry is constantly changing and evolving.

MSN-nurses are trained to identify drawbacks during the change process and adapt to the new circumstances.

The important part of their education is problem-solving using evidence-based practices.

Therefore, MSN nurses are exceptionally significant as front line healthcare workers and they can improve their bedside care significantly, with an MSN degree.

If you want to stay in bedside nursing, you can expect many benefits from earning an MSN degree.

For example, your assessment skills will be enhanced, and you will improve your critical thinking and leadership skills.

Additionally, nurses with MSN have higher levels of patients advocacy.

Even though MSN degree is a ticket for higher-level positions, an MSN-prepared nurse can stay in bedside nursing.

However, employers can have their policies about the hiring process and staff preferences.

For example, some healthcare facilities highly appreciate MSN nurses on a bedside position, while others may find it overqualified and choose a nurse with a lower degree.

The nursing field is very dynamic and nurses-to-be have plenty of options to develop their careers.

Choosing to obtain a higher degree is an individual decision that has many benefits.

Moreover, both nurses and patients enjoy benefits from highly educated and prepared nurses working on all positions.

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