What is a Transformational Nurse Leader?

A transformational leader is a role with a distinct and important management style.

As the name suggests, the leader who applies the transformational style seeks transformation to promote success.

It means that a transformational leader goes beyond ordinary management and daily duties.

Such a leader motivates staff, sets goals, and inspires other employers to become more productive to achieve set goals.

There are a few things that you should perform to become characterized as a transformational leader.

In general, the transformational leader should serve as role models with their commitment to work.

Also, they should motivate the team and challenge the team to be more creative and come up with creative solutions for daily issues.

However, it is very important that a transformational leader show concern for the individual needs of his/her followers.

Everything said can be applied to the nurse leaders.

For example, a nurse leader can also motivate the staff to reach goals and adjust the procedures to align with standards that contribute to improved patient satisfaction.

In this case, the nurse leader will come up with a plan to improve customer service, work closely with other employees to develop creative initiatives, and monitor the results.

During the process, a transformational nurse leader will engage and report on staff to adjust the plan and improve results.

Let’s break things down how a transformational nurse leader would act to reach a set goal – improve patient satisfaction with the facility.

The first to do will be having a staff meeting with all people in the department.

After that, a nurse can identify the reason behind setting that exact goal and explain more about it.

The reasons behind it can include a recent increase in patients’ complaints or results of a comprehensive study.

The nurse will have to provide specific examples, such as a number of complaints and to describe the complaints in detail.

For example, some patients complain about delays and waiting too much for assistance after they press the button for call light.

The best transformational leader will inspire the staff to brainstorm ideas together on how to answer call light faster and identify possible barriers to solving the issues.

A leader should keep a positive atmosphere and interact with staff with respect through the meeting.

After the group comes up with an overall plan, goal, or initiative, a nurse can start the execution process.

For example, one of the solutions to answering call light faster is that there is a staff spread around rooms.

Before, staff might have been in the nursing station, and from that place, it takes too long to respond.

If the staff is near the room, there would be fewer delays and waiting for the patient.

The nurse then can choose a time period in which the idea can be tested.

It can take weeks or a few months to see if the number of complaints drops.

After that, a transformational nurse leader may arrange a meeting to inform colleagues and engage stuff on new ideas and what can be improved and what works great in the past period.

The real transformational leader helps to create a respectful and highly-professional relationship between leader and staff.

The staff gets motivation and start to improve ideas to the table, to improve general work in this atmosphere.

The facility can be successful only if there are transformational nurse leaders that keep track of management and health care innovations.

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