How much RN Earns in Kansas City?

It is common to research salaries and compare figures, before you take a step to any career, including nursing.

According to the data by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from May 2018, a registered nurse in Kansas City earns around $67,000 per year.

For comparison, the national average is $71,730.

Several factors affect the salary of a nurse.

Those are professional experience, education, and specialization.

For example, according to, nurses specialized in labor and delivery, geriatrics or ICU and emergency rooms, have a slightly higher salary.

Nurse practitioners have higher salaries than RNs, but they also have additional education and have to pass years of clinical training to get the NP title.

According to BLS data, the average yearly salary of the nurse practitioner in Kansas City is $110,010.

Hourly Rates for RNs in Kansas City

The data from the BLS, estimates than registered nurses in Kansas City may be offered an hourly rate of $31.82.

Midwives have a $51.99 median hourly rate, and nurse practitioners can expect a 52.89 median hourly rate.

The figures above are starting points and guidelines to have in mind while they search for educational programs and jobs, you should know that salaries vary based on multiple factors.

Your salary will be calculated using your skill, the market demand, your experience, and using the facility principles for determining salaries.

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