How is Pediatric Nurse Different from Pediatric Nurse Practitioner?

Pediatric nurses are different from pediatric nurse practitioners in several aspects.

First of all, pediatric nurses are in charge of essential nursing functions and care of pediatric patients.

Their job responsibilities include physical assessment, coming up with the nursing plan, care plan implementation, monitoring, and evaluating treatment response.

Pediatric nurses can administer medications and vaccines, and perform a variety of other medical procedure.

They often work in hospitals or ambulatory care settings.

To become a pediatric registered nurse, a nurse will have to obtain either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and pass the NCLEX test.

It is common for nurses to volunteer in the pediatric units to learn more and improve their skills after graduation.

On the other hand, pediatric nurse practitioners are advanced-practice nurses who have completed a BSN program, and a master’s program or doctoral degree nurse practitioner program.

They pick the pediatrics specialization tracks for nurse practitioners during their advanced-degree education.

It made them prepared to work with a focused population, such as pediatrics.

Additionally, pediatric nurse practitioners must earn a pediatric nurse certification.

The job roles of pediatric nurses and pediatric nurse practitioners are similar and overlap in many cases.

The difference is that a pediatric nurse practitioner is responsible for the overall care of pediatric patients.

Pediatric nurse practitioners perform physical exams, take a medical history, diagnose, or assist in diagnosis.

Also, pediatric nurse practitioners are allowed to prescribe medications and can be considered as a patient’s primary care provider.

Pediatric nurses and pediatric nurse practitioners are highly educated and specialized healthcare workers.

They take care of the specific population, and children have anatomical differences and different disease processes.

That is why taking care of children must include highly trained nurses and nurse practitioners.

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