How Can Nursing School Students Gain Experience During their Education?

There is a growing demand for nurses across the world, and more people are choosing a nursing career.

In many states, nursing programs are becoming more competitive, and there are more applicants for each program position.

Also, the Affordable Care Act impacted the need for all healthcare services across the country.

Also, experts expect a 15% increase rate of jobs for registered nurses by 2026, according to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Schools are also changing the nursing program’s admission requirements.

More schools prefer the applicants to have clinical experience, and minimum requirements include one year of experience.

Often, students are required to submit a resume that proves their experience upon application.

Luckily, there are several ways a nurse can gain experience.

The first option you have is to volunteer.

A lot of healthcare facilities have useful volunteer programs available for teenagers, but adults as well.

These volunteer programs usually have low rates of time commitment, and it can be only several hours per week.

There are several areas in which you can volunteer, and the most experience you can get in areas where other healthcare providers perform care.

Another thing you can do to gain clinical experience is to become a medical assistant (MA) or certified nursing assistant (CNA).

MAs work with physicians and get a chance to observe procedures and learn more about healthcare from first hand.

Sometimes, they can even administer vaccines, injections, and medications.

On the other hand, CNAs are involved with primary care such as feeding, mobilizing, bathing, and work with nurses.

Another benefit of working as a CNA or MA is that you can earn money to pay nursing school.

Practical experience is very useful for all professions, especially for nursing.

Going and volunteering in some healthcare facility or working as CNA and MA will provide insights into what exactly the nursing field is and students will have an opportunity to learn more about procedures and daily activities of nurses.

Also, having a valuable clinical experience improves chances for admission to the program of choice.

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