What Is the Dress Code of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners While Working?

Nurses who specialize in providing care for patients with mental health disorders are called psychiatric nurse practitioners.

They can work with various patients, from those diagnosed with autism, depression to schizophrenia.

The dress code depends on the facility in which these nurse practitioners work.

Those who work in acute care, like an emergency room or ICU often wear scrubs and lab coats with the logo of the facility.

Some even wear business attire and can choose whether they will wear a lab coat or not.

The facility regulates the dress code.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners who work in the clinic may be required to wear business attire, and the lab coat is personal preference or stated in the organization’s regulations.

Some organizations don’t require their psychiatric NPs to wear scrubs or lab coat, believing that it makes them appear more friendly and approachable to the patients.

Overall it can have a positive effect on the nurse-patient relationship.

Some psychiatric NPs feel more comfortable working in a work setting that seems less clinical along with avoiding scrubs and lab coats.

They feel like it helps them to achieve a quiet and comfortable working environment for both patients and NPs.

Whatever is the work setting, the psychiatric NP must follow the safety regulations when choosing what to wear.

In some cases of mental health disorder, a patient may consider a care provider as a threat if what NP is wearing doesn’t seem appealing to him.

Also, avoid jewelry, neckties, belt loops, strings, or anything that can be used to harm the care provided.

In the mental health field, the dressing for safety is as important as it is professionalism.

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