What Is DNP and What Is a Ph.D. In Nursing?

Ph.D. and DNP are terminal degrees for nurses.

A nurse who holds each degree is considered an expert in the nursing field.

However, Ph.D. and DNP in nursing are two different programs.

The primary difference is the focus of the program.

DNP is focused on clinical practice.

On the other hand, Ph.D. is more focused on academic activities and research.

To choose which degree to pursue you will have to determine your personal career goals.

On the other hand, the MSN program educates nurses for advanced roles.

Those include nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, CRNA, etc.

These nurses can choose DNP programs to improve their expertise and earn a terminal degree.

Other nurses, with research and leadership preferences, can benefit from Ph.D. programs.

For example, a Ph.D. nurse maintains and develops nursing policies and organizes procedures for evidence-based research.

They are in charge of aligning the nurses’ practice with standard of care and other nurse regulation acts.

One of their most important duties is to improve patient care outcomes based on current research and science findings.

In general, the roles of DNP and Ph.D. nurses are different and are the educational requirement.

The DNP nurses are obliged to complete a capstone project focused identification on issues in healthcare.

They also have to learn how to propose an evidence-based solution.

It is somewhat equivalent to Ph.D. nurses.

Moreover, DNP nurses are focused on one specific chosen clinical field.

The clinical practicum for the DNP nurses requires them to graduate.

On the other hand, Ph.D. educational programs focus on research.

During the program, students are asked to conduct research and complete a dissertation.

The Ph.D. program might involve teaching activities as well.

However, it doesn’t include the hours for clinical care.

Whichever educational program you choose, bear in mind that both have the best interest for patients – to improve care and outcomes.

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