What does a Board Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach do?

Health & wellness nurses are trained and educated as holistic nurses.

It means that they follow a mind-body approach to patient care and incorporate these principles when caring for overall patient health.

Healthcare facilities are in the search for health and wellness nurses because their role is essential when it comes to preventive care, exercise, and wellness promotion.

The purpose behind it is to improve employees’ productivity and by keeping staff physically and mentally healthy, there would be lower costs for the facility.

The job of the board-certified health and wellness nurse coaches consists of several functions.

To earn the certificate, aspiring coaches need to demonstrate competency in several disciplines.

The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation is in charge of competencies description and requirements.

The primary principle for nurse coaches is to consider patients as an authority on their own health and well-being.

It means than nurse coaches are trained to align and adjust their treatment intentions with the patient’s attitude and goals.

But, you might still be wondering, what is the daily work of the health and wellness coaches like?

Health and wellness coaches work closely with numerous clients and colleges, to help assist treating the patients with chronic conditions, which will have to change the lifestyle.

The specific duties of the health and wellness coaches depend on the client and its condition.

For example, if a health and wellness coach is treating the patient with congestive heart failure (CHF), their duty is to help the patient change the diet and prepare him for limitation in exercises, and adjust the lifestyle.

The primary goal for the patient isn’t only to live with the disease but to live a quality life.

Nurse wellness coaches can work for some business or insurance companies, and then, they focus on prevention.

For example, health and wellness nurse coaches may organize events to promote trends and innovation in medicine, organize blood pressure check workshops.

Also, wellness coaches can hold education sessions to educate clients on a healthy diet, exercises, stress management, etc.

Weight loss clinics also hire nurse wellness coaches as long-term educators.

The wellness nurse coach is a grateful career.

Nurse coaches help the people to achieve their goals, to take control of their health, live the life they want, and help them learn how to take the best care of themselves

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