How Long Are Midwives (CNM) Shifts?

A nurse who specializes in advanced practice and cares for women’s reproductive health and provides support during childbirth is CNM – certified nurse midwife.

The part of their job responsibilities is to order and manage health screenings and treat some gynecological disorders.

CNMs also provide education on family planning, deliver babies, and take care of newborns after delivery.

The CNM shifts depend on the work setting, practice group, or personal preferences.

Some CNMs work standard shifts – 8-hours shift, five days a week in the clinic.

Other work longer shifts, 10 or 12 hours in the hospitals.

The working schedule depends on various factors and some CNM combine eight and 12-hours shifts in a week.

Because childbirth is something that can be scheduled, CNM is often on call for 24 hours.

The labors are unpredictable, and CNM shifts sometimes can be filled with admissions, and other times there could be an entire shift without childbirth.

Very often, CNM works night shifts as well because babies don’t always come during regular business hours.

Each facility has a different schedule and parameters based on which the schedule is made for each working week.

That is why each CNM should visit a facility in which she wants to work to get more information about the usual working shifts.

Because of the nature of the work of CNM, many facilities are flexible.

But, knowing more about the previous schedule will help a CNM to determine whether the schedule in the facility will work for her.

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