Can You Get BSN Tuition Reimbursement?

Many registered nurses employed in various healthcare facilities can expect reimbursement of BSN program tuition.

Employed registered nurses who haven’t completed the BSN program, can expect financial support from their facility to advance their education.

The incentives may include tuition reimbursement, salary increase, and promotion.

It is because many healthcare facilities prefer nurses with higher degrees.

Some healthcare facilities may set a fixed dollar amount for financial support, while others offer a percentage in tuition reimbursement.

Facilities can set a dollar amount annually or per semester.

To get BSN tuition reimbursements, RN needs to submit a course schedule or payment document to the Human Resources department.

Getting a tuition reimbursement is usually straightforward and the money can be added to the paycheck without any delay.

However, you should check the reimbursement policy within your facility and get more information, but the procedure is rather simple across all facilities.

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