Mississippi Board of Nursing – Licensing and Contact Information

Mississippi Board of Nursing

When you want to join any industry, you’ll have to follow some specific rules and regulations.

Nurses across the US will be overseen by the Board of Nursing in their home state.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the Board of Nursing in Mississippi.

What Does the Board Do?

The Board of Nursing in Mississippi fulfills several roles.

The main one is to regulate the activity of nurses by ensuring they are licensed.

Below you can see the main roles the Board has to fulfill:

  • Ensuring the integrity of the public health, safety, and welfare
  • Issuing licenses
  • Renewing the credentials
  • Ensuring the candidates meet the requirements
  • Imposing disciplinary actions
  • Promulgating the rules and regulations
  • Maintaining accurate records

Here are the nurses that need a license from the Board:

  • Registered nurses (RNs)
  • APRNs
  • LPNs
  • LPN Expanded Role for IV Therapy and (or) Hemodialysis

Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technicians used to be under the jurisdiction of the Nursing Board in this state, but this is no longer the case.

Getting Approval to Take the NCLEX

NCLEX is short for National Council Licensure Examination.

The NCLEX is the test that all nurses in the US have to pass if they want to be employed as RNs or LPNs.

This exam is offered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Besides the US, the following countries also recognize the NCLEX:

  • Australia
  • Canada

The Board of Nursing in Mississippi has a step-by-step guide on how to proceed if you try to obtain your nurse license for the first time.

This guide can be accessed at the next link  https://www.msbn.ms.gov/sites/default/files/Licensure%20%20Guide%20for%20New%20%20Applicants_0.pdf.

The NCLEX exam is held at the Pearson Vue testing centers.

You’ll have to register with the center closest to you, and if accepted, you’ll receive a letter with your Approval To Test (ATT).

You should receive this letter after 7 days you send all the papers.

This process involves paying a fee.

At the same time with signing up with Pearson Vue, you’ll also have to apply for licensure.

You’ll be asked for:

  • An application form
  • Paying some extra fees
  • A clean criminal background
  • Proof you completed an approved training course for nurses
  • Some other documents

The fees you must pay cannot be refunded.

You can find out more about the mandatory paperwork by emailing one of these addresses:

  • cshellman@msbn.ms.gov
  • edixon@msbn.ms.gov
  • nhicks@msbn.ms.gov

Your application is valid for only 1 year.

However, you must reapply for licensure a maximum of 2 years after you graduate.

In case you fail the exam, you can re-attempt it after a minimum of 45 days.

You can re-apply for licensure after the year has passed.

Renewing Your License

Registered nurses have to renew their licenses during even-numbered years between September 1 and December 31.

Practical nurses will renew their licenses during the odd-numbered years.

Their renewal period is the same as for RNs.

If you hold a certificate as an Expanded Role LPN for IV Therapy and/or Hemodialysis, you’ll have to renew both your regular LPN credential as well as that for Expanded Role.

You’ll have to fill out 2 different applications and send them to the Board at the same time.

How to do a Licence Lookup

On the website of the Board of Nursing in Mississippi, you have 4 options to verify a license.

Here they are:

  1. Personal online verification
    • For this, you’ll need your security number, name, and license number.
  2. The online verification that the employer does
    • Employers will need the above information, possibly some extra details, and a fee of $20.
  3. Status updates regarding someone’s license
    • The license can be yours or your employees
    • This is done through the Nursys system
  4. License verification to become licensed in a different state
    • This is done by the Board through the Nursys system.
    • This requires the type of license you have as well as the state in which you need to become licensed.
    • The result will be sent by Nursys to the Board of the new state.

Mississippi Board of Nursing Contact Information

One of the first things you might want to know about the Board of Nursing in Mississippi is its address.

Its physical one is 713 S Pear Orchard Rd #300, Ridgeland, MS 39157.

Online, you can find the Board at this URL: 

  • https://www.msbn.ms.gov/

You can also phone or send a fax to the Board at the following numbers:

  • Phone: 601- 957-6300
  • Fax: 601- 957-6301

Depending on the department you want to talk to, you can check out this page as it has all the numbers you could be interested in:

  • https://www.msbn.ms.gov/board/contact-us

You could also find help from the website’s chat robot called BON.


Now, you should have a better knowledge of the Board of Nursing in Mississippi, compared to your competition.

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