Connecticut Board of Nursing – Licensing and Contact Information

Connecticut Board of Nursing

This article is meant for individuals from Connecticut who want to become nurses.

The purpose is to help you become more familiar with the Board of Examiners for Nursing in this state.

What Does the Board Do?

The Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing is the body overseeing nurses.

The Board has to:

  • Issue licenses to future nurses
  • Renew the credentials of already licensed personnel
  • Ensure the candidates meet the requirements by analyzing the submitted documents
  • Issue disciplinary actions
  • Maintain the rules and regulations up-to-date
  • Maintain accurate records

Getting Approval to Take the NCLEX

To become a nurse, you’ll have to pass the nationally recognized NCLEX test.

Canada and Australia also recognize this exam.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing offers this exam.

The exam is organized at the Pearson Vue testing centers across the country.

To take the exam, you’ll have to ensure you meet the prerequisites.

These include: 

  • Completing a training course for nurses
  • Complete the CGFNS International Certification Program – if you’re a foreigner
  • Fill out the online application
  • Pay the fee – 180 USD
  • Have a clean criminal record

It’s best to sign up for the exam and apply for licensure at the same time.

Your licensure application is done online, but you’ll have to send supporting documents.

This paperwork has to reach this address:

  • Connecticut Department of Public Health
    410 Capitol Ave., MS# 12 APP
    P.O. Box 340308
    Hartford, CT 06134

Only if you get approved by both the Council and the Board you can take the exam.

The results of the test have to appear on the Board’s site to become official.

Those who obtained their license in a different state don’t need to take the exam anymore.

Renewing Your License

In Connecticut, like in many other states, you can renew your license as a nurse online.

In fact, many professionals can do this, but some of them will be notified of this by email and others by printed mail.

These are the professionals who can expect an email:

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Advanced practice nurses
  • Physician assistants
  • Master’s level social workers
  • Genetic counselors
  • Behavior analysts

The mail or email will contain more information related to the renewal of their license.

License renewal requires an account on the site that we’ll share after on.

How To Do A License Lookup

You probably already know by now, that you might need to check the status of your license from time to time.

Maybe you’re an employer and you have to ensure the candidate has an authentic and active license.

In Connecticut, you have the option to look up licenses issued in this state or in other states.

To look up licenses online you need to access this URL:


The new page will allow you to input the following information:

  • License type
  • License number
  • The status of the license
  • The name of the business
  • The person’s name
    • It’s separate from the business name
    • It has 2 fields, for the last and first names
  • The address
  • The state
  • The city
  • The zip code
    • The last 3 have different fields than the address.
  • The country

If you want to check the license of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse that wants to become licensed in Connecticut, you have to use NURSYS.

NURSYS is a separate system and website and not all the states are registered with it.

Connecticut’s Board of Examiners for Nursing Contact Information

The Board of Examiners for Nursing in Connecticut is located in the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

This Department is found at 410 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06115.

To reach the Board, my mail, you’ll have to address your letters to:

  • 410 Capitol Avenue, MS #13PHO
    P. O. Box 340308
    Hartford, CT 06134-0308

You might need more information related to the licensing or license renewal process.

These are the numbers you need:

  • Phone: 860-509-7603 – from the menu, choose option 2
  • Fax: 860-509-8457

Additionally, you can also send emails to this address

If you have questions related to the nursing scope of practice or to nursing schools, you can call 860-509-7555.

If you prefer reading the information, rather than hearing it, the Board’s website is accessible at:


If you need clarifications that have a different nature than those related to the license, you need to contact the Board at 860-509-7566.


Right now, you are better prepared to deal with the Board or to pass the exam.

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